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EU and national projects

Consulting and innovations

Education and promotion

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E-mail or phone call are the first step towards successful cooperation

Set up a meeting and find out why we are different and more successful.


We are convinced that there is a variety of unused potential in different areas of activity in private and public sector, and that our company in cooperation with network of partners, with its competencies and experience can successfully respond to all challenges and obstacles.

Our cooperation strategy is an honest, professional and innovative approach to solving problems and tasks. Our business models and solutions are flexible and adaptable to client’s needs while they are an adequate answer to client’s requests as well as expectations of the market, users, buyers, citizens etc.


EU and national projects

Do you need assistance with search or definition of project idea?

Are you searching for partners for your project idea?

Do you need assistance in project application development?

Do you need assistance or service in project implementation?

Company Nagrada igra d.o.o. with its knowledge and experience is capable to provide you with quality service in all aspects of EU and national projects. Company’s unique approach towards EU and national projects enables innovative cooperation models and achievement of great results. Funding opportunities are extensive, depending on the legal status of the applicant, project topic and project activities, while available co-financing sources are: cross-border cooperation, transnational programmes, national ministry programs and national fund, calls for proposals within regional development fund, social fund and cohesion fund etc.


Consulting and innovations

Do you need to develop a study, plan or strategy?

You have problems for which you cannot find adequate solution?

Processes and events are not developing how you planned them?

You don’t know where or how to begin?

Company Nagradna igra d.o.o. along with its partners can provide you with following services: developing study, plan or strategy, insuring effective and innovative solutions, defining and developing processes and finding adequate financing sources for fulfillment of your goals. With quality legal and technical support, company Nagradna igra d.o.o. can help you in successful realization of investments. Take advantage of our business network and working experience on domestic and international market.


Education and promotion

Do you want to raise your employees’ competencies and effectiveness?

Are you interested in personal development?

Do you want to present your product, service or activity with quality and focus?

Company Nagradna igra d.o.o. is an ideal partner for your investment into personal development and development of employees, all with a goal of increased competiveness and performing quality. Increased competencies and use of modern solutions increase competitive presence in the market and fulfillment of targeted business results. Company Nagradna igra d.o.o. can assist you in quality organization of event and effective actions for promotion of your product, service or activity.

Selected experience and competencies

Development, successful application, implementation and reporting of EU projects of total value over 2 mil €

Construction and implementation of high tech bike sharing system – first and only in Croatia co-financed by EU programme;

Project value of 600K €

Development of entertainment industry in Croatia and Hungary;

Project value of 160K €

Introduction and implementation of modern technologies in primary education;

Project value of 150K €

Development and implementation of new and alternative energy projects financing models;

Project value of 90K €

Establishment of Regional Energy Agency North;

Project value of 350K €

Innovative use of low-temperature geothermal sources in SE Europe;

Project value of 185K €

Development and implementation of investment projects

Construction of solar power plant;

Investment value of 1,5M €

Small residential buildings;

Investment value of 750K €

Attraction of private capital in the process of recapitalization of insurance company;

Investment value of 130K €

Development of process management models

Identification of co-financing sources for activities and projects from different thematic fields

Connecting potential business and project partners

Organization and implementation of education and events at local, regional, national and international level

Find out why we are different and more successful



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Nagradna igra d.o.o.

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